Critical Facts About Alcatraz Tours

Alcatraz Island is run by the U.S. National Park Service. To get on Alcatraz Island, you need a ride on a private ferry. There is only one company running service to the island - Alcatraz City Cruises. They are the Official Concessionaire.

To get to Alcatraz Island, you must have an Alcatraz City Cruises ticket. On their website, Alcatraz tours are sold direct to customers for the lowest possible price. Feel free to check availability at

If they are sold out - which happens regularly - we may still have Alcatraz tickets for the date you seek. Check our Alcatraz tour package options from the navigation menu or the calendar link below.

Alcatraz tours are extremely popular. They sell out virtually every weekend of the year. Sometimes Alcatraz tickets are sold out several weeks in advance - especially during peak periods like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as late June, all of July, and the first half of August.

We buy Alcatraz tickets in advance from Alcatraz Cruises for resale, and we receive a limited number of tickets for each month.

Our resale inventory is accurate. If we don't have Alcatraz tours for a certain date, the date won't be listed. If you choose a quantity greater than what we have available, an error message will appear. Try another departure or call us for a possible referral.

Note that the Alcatraz tickets we resell include round trip ferry and the 11-language Cell House Audio Tour. We resell both Alcatraz Day Tours and Alcatraz Night Tours, but always as part of a combination tour package.