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-Formerly named Alcatraz Cruises-

-Still the sole ferry concessionaire with the National Park Service-

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  • Note that Alcatraz City Cruises website states that they are "The official website and only source for tour tickets to Alcatraz Island." This means THEY ARE THE ONLY PROVIDER OF FERRY SERVICE to the island. You need an Alcatraz Cruises ticket. We are an authorized reseller of those tickets.


  • If Alcatraz City Cruises is sold out, we may still have tickets for the date you seek. During busy periods, we also often sell out of our limited stock. Availability is even more reduced for 2021.


  • When Amigos Tours resells Alcatraz City Cruises tickets, by regulation Alcatraz tickets are always resold as part of a tour package, and therefore the combination price is higher.
    • You can see that the tour package concept is verified on the Alcatraz City Cruises website.
      • Click here for details.
    • We do not sell Alcatraz by itself.


  • The tickets we sell take you onto Alcatraz Island and inside the prison, with the Cell House Audio Tour always included.
    • Note that we never sell the Alcatraz Behind The Scenes Tour.
    • Typically we have one departure choice per day on the standard day tour.
    • Currently, we are not selling packages with the Alcatraz Night Tour.
    • All persons over Age 18 must provide a government issued Photo ID that matches the names you provide at Checkout.



  1. First choose a combination package.
  2. Then pick an Alcatraz departure date (and time) from the drop-down tab.
  3. Enter ticket quantities.
  4. For Muir Woods or Wine Country, enter separate dates for those tours (before or after Alcatraz).
  5. Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off can be done ANY DAY - BEFORE OR AFTER your Alcatraz trip. (Possibly including the same day as Alcatraz – but your bus tour will be severely limited by time.) This tour does not require a separate date selection at time of purchase.
  6. Bay Cruises can be done ANY DAY - BEFORE OR AFTER your Alcatraz trip. (This too does not require a separate date selection, and also can possibly be done the same day as Alcatraz – but it is not guaranteed.) 
    1. NOTE: Until further notice, you have to go to the Red and White Fleet ticket window with your voucher and get a short-term reservation. This is usually for the next boat, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are limiting departure capacity. This means that you may have to wait for a second departure (which may not be available at the very end of the day).
  7. If Alcatraz tickets are available for the departure you want, after entering the quantity and dates a “Book Now” message will appear.
  8. If tickets are unavailable for a selected departure, an error message will appear. Try another departure or call us for a possible referral.
  9. Follow the prompts to the shopping cart and then the order page, where you will fill out the names of your guests.
  10. Once you make a purchase, you will see a 5-digit order number that confirms your receipt.




  • Your tickets get subtracted immediately from our limited, pre-paid inventory. Some large companies will make you wait 24-48 hours only to tell you that they don't have tickets. Our system is simpler. If we have Alcatraz tickets in stock, you can click "Book Now" and proceed to checkout. If not, you will see a message stating "sold out" or how many we have left.


  • After your order is placed, your ticket quantity and the names in your group will be sent to Alcatraz Cruises.
    • Your tickets will be waiting in your name at the Groups Window on the day of departure.
    • Again, your tickets will have been set aside from our pre-paid allotment, and go only to you.


  • We are limited as to how many Alcatraz tickets we can obtain in any month, so we may sell out of our small stock, especially during peak periods.


  • Alcatraz departures are set by date and time. The departure times we offer can’t be changed.


  • If you purchased a tour package with a Hop-On-Hop-Off tour or a Bay Cruise, those tours are secured as well, since no immediate reservations are needed.


  • If you purchased a Tower Tours component (with or without Alcatraz) for Muir Woods or Wine Country you will get a final re-confirmation email direct from Tower within 24-48 hours — after we double-check reservations with Tower. This is usually within 2 hours. Once re-confirmed, your purchase is final. If you need the Tower component date to be changed, it can only be done upon approval by Tower Tours. You will need to contact us and we will do our best to serve you, but no change is guaranteed.


  • Upon purchase for all products, you can save your Voucher. The system will also immediately email you a duplicate copy of the Voucher.
    • This Voucher will include ALL instructions for taking tours.


  • If you did not receive an email Voucher-Receipt within 2 hours after seeing your 5-digit order number, please request a duplicate at sfamigostours@gmail.com. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER FIRST.



  • You pick the days for each tour. For Muir Woods and Wine Country, tour dates must be selected at time of purchase.
    • If timing permits, Bay Cruises and Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off can be done the same day as Alcatraz.
    • However, if you start the Hop-On-Hop-Off tour late in the day, your available hop-off time will be very limited. No refunds or exchanges.


  • For Alcatraz: Bring your email voucher to Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing.
    • Show it on your mobile device.
    • All persons over age 18 must show government issued photo identification.


  • For Tower Tours (Muir Woods & Wine Country), courtesy shuttle pickups are available at select hotels. Show your email voucher on your phone.


  • Tower Tours is located at 288 Beach Street, San Francisco. Guests staying at the Fisherman's Wharf area should anticipate walking to the Tower Tours office, unless special assistance is needed.


  • Again, the 1-Day or 2-Day Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tours and the 1-Hour Bay Cruise do not require reservations at the time of purchase, but there are no hotel pickups for these tours.


  • There are no hotel pickups for Alcatraz. You must make your own way to Pier 33.


  • There are no hotel pickups for the Chinatown Walking Tour.
    • This operates daily without reservation requirements.
    • The Chinatown Walking Tour is run by Big Bus and it begins at Stop 5 of the Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off tour. More info here: sfamigostours.com/walk.



Some people may have heard about people waiting on the dock at Alcatraz Landing at 4:30 am, trying to get last minute tickets. In 2019, Alcatraz City Cruises discontinued the "Same Day Ticket Advisory" that resulted in this chilly scene. In prior years they held onto a small quantity of tickets, which they then sold when they opened in the morning, first-come, first served. Alcatraz City Cruises does not do this anymore.


Alcatraz Cruises boats have ramps, the Sustainable Easy Access Transportation (S.E.A.T.) tram has fold-down ramps for all types of wheelchairs, and inside the prison there is an elevator.

Because many roads/paths on Alcatraz are steep, the S.E.A.T. service is invaluable for visitors with mobility issues. This shuttle runs approximately twice each hour – from the dock up the hill to the Cellhouse and then back to the boat dock. Boarding is first come, first served. Visitors with mobility issues may have another person in their party ride along, space permitting. Parties can meet up at the Cellhouse or the dock. 

Note that this service is not for children/strollers.



  • Wind-proof jackets are highly recommended for Alcatraz, Bay Cruises, and the open-air hop-on/hop-off Big Bus.
  • Bring a warm and snug hat if possible!
  • You may want to consider bringing a backpack for adding or removing clothing layers. San Francisco is famous for changing micro-climates.
  • Temperatures can change due to fog, wind, open air vehicles, or other variables.


  • There is no parking at Pier 33 Alcatraz landing, but there are several parking lots within 5-6 blocks.
    • Plan to arrive at Pier 33 least 30 minutes before departure, but not more than 2 hours early.
    • You will not be able to get your tickets more than 2 hours before departure.
    • A Google search for "parking near Pier 33" may be helpful



The Alcatraz Day Tour usually takes about 3 hours round trip. 

  • The Cellhouse Audio tour takes roughly 45 minutes, but if COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, you may have to wait for entry as capacity will be limited inside the prison.
  • For 2021, there are return departures every 60 minutes, so you decide how long to stay.


No Refunds or Exchanges on Alcatraz Packages. No Refunds for Missed Tours. No Refunds for Tours Not Used. See Terms and Conditions. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to make a purchase.


For a reiteration of alcatraz ticket details, click here.


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