Alcatraz Reseller
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When Alcatraz is sold out, tickets are resold by San Francisco Amigos Tours as part of a combination tour package:
  • Amigos Tours is an Authorized Reseller of Alcatraz City Cruises - the only ferry provider to Alcatraz Island.
  • The Alcatraz tickets we resell are guaranteed in stock. You will not have to wait for further confirmation.
  • Availability may vary, but if we are sold out, a notification will appear. The Voucher you receive will allow you to take all parts of the tour package.
  • All Tour Packages include a round trip ferry from Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing, in San Francisco - to go on to Alcatraz Island and inside the prison.
  • The 11-language cell house audio tour is always included. This award winning audio documentary includes sound effects and interviews with prisoners and guards.
  • The Discovery Channel produced video covers early history, Alcatraz during the civil war, the American Indian occupation of the late 1960s, and more.
  • Outside, there are many view spots. You'll see vistas of Angel Island, the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco skyline - while sea birds and gardens offer surprising natural beauty.
  • Inside the prison you'll see and hear about daily life as well as depictions of the most notorious events, such as riots and the famous escape.
  • Choose a package. Once you have clicked on a combination package page, you can select an Alcatraz date and time.
  • The other tours in the package can be done on days before or after Alcatraz, or possibly on the same day if time permits.
  • We generally have morning departures for Day Tours, which usually last about 3 hours. Return ferries depart roughly every 30 minutes, bringing you back to Pier 33.